Where to begin?
It starts with a shipwreck at the end of the 19th Century. Cursed cargo drifting on to the shores of Kingsport over the next century, bringing woes and torments with the tides.
Or it starts many years later, with a body discovered at home – eyes missing.
Maybe it hasn’t yet commenced. Maybe even now, a Shoggoth lies in the marshes, awaiting the arrival of Rae Armitage and the Esoteric Order of Britain with her.
You’re in England’s Dreamland now.
You can’t go back.
Only deeper.
The England's Dreaming cycle is an unfolding narrative of cosmic terror - a tale too sprawling and too broad for any one form. Each segment of England’s Dreaming has been developed to be entirely stand-alone: providing audiences with a full story that hints at a wider scope. However, the impact of a story could vary heavily depending on which stories the audience has experienced beforehand and as the narrative unfolds, characters and elements will creep out from the written word, infecting film, audio drama and beyond.
Set in a contemporary Britain, these stories will reverberate back across the island’s history, exploring it through the lens of the cosmic horror genre.
The goal of this project is to carve a story imbued with the same passion and love of the source material that makes projects such as The Sinking City and the Arkham Horror games so compelling to acolytes of weird fiction.
Throughout 2021, Familiar Stranger Films is committing to ship one new instalment each and every month. Step into the Inner Circle to be the first to find out about our upcoming exclusive Cosmic Horror content or enter the story below with The Wandering Eye.
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